Fossilisation and Insects & Invertebrates

Fossilisation and Insects & Invertebrates was shot over 2 days. It was at a location house on Camber Sands and on the Camber Sands Beach.

A positive of the shoot was having a house near the beach, meaning we had two very clear and distinct looks for each story. Insects and Invertebrates was photographed in the location house and Fossilisation being photographed outside on the beach and dunes.

A negative of doing a shoot outside was the weather. You would think doing an Autumn/ Winter photoshoot in June/ July would prove difficult because of all of the beautiful sunshine! No, not for us... The weather was extremely windy. We were wearing the garments we were photographing just to keep warm!  We had to get up extra early to be able to get on the beach without being rained on or blown away which gave us about a 2 1/2 hour window on both mornings.

We were staying at the location house on the night between the shoot, this meant the whole team of 7 of us were in a 3 bathroomed house and we managed to break one of the showers! The photographer’s assistant was getting in the shower and the tap fell off! He was fully clothed and got soaked through! And everyone else who tried to help got an undeserved cold shower too!

But other than that, it was a successful shoot. We were able to snap the two styles and themes we wanted without getting blown away. 

Heratage & Mimosa Memories

Everyone at Yarn Stories HQ gets super excited about planning our shoots. The whole team works together to come up with the theme for each collection so we can create the set that acts as a backdrop.

For Heritage we really wanted the industrial credentials of the mill to shine through using huge industrial curtains, metal ladders and featuring some of the yarn that was actually being spun on the day of the shoot. Our staff were intrigued by all the activity!

For Mimosa Memories we wanted a delicately floral backdrop to act as a counterpoint to the part of our mill we were shooting in. We found lots of great accessories around the mill including vintage boxes and a fantastic old wooden ladder. 

Then we took a trip to Huddersfield’s flower market and came back with armfuls of Gypsofilia, Lysianthus, Cyclamen and Pussy Willow to decorate the set. It took us a whole day to get the balance just right. 


As you can see, it was all hands on deck. How many people does it take to turn a Yorkshire spinning mill into a space for a glamourous photoshoot? Plenty. 


The Botanics photoshoot took place in February at the Welsh Botanical gardens. We set up in their big glass dome, although we thought it may be warm as it was a big greenhouse, it wasn’t! 


We had the model in wellies in water at one point and she was so cold she needed a hot water bottle. As you can tell, in some shots the sun did shine for a while.


The shoot went quite smoothly and everything was knitted on time which was a relief. 


Our Bambin shoot was in a beautiful house in the centre of London.


We were delighted with the decor, each room had a new treasure.


Our models were such fun to work with and we think they enjoyed it too!


Although sometimes we did need to keep them entertained.


Julie and Dan, our stylist and photographer are a great team.


There are always a few last minute alterations!


Dan will squeeze himeself into any tight corner just to get the best shot.

Minerality and Alchemist

For the two autunm winter collections, Minerality and Alchemist, we went to the beautiful Biddulph Grange.

Although a little wet, the setting was still gorgeous.

The intricate patterns on our designs were striking in the outdoor lighting.

We hope you're love the photography for both of these collections.


Marine & Skylark

Our spring summer 2015 shoot...

The Marine and Skylark collections feature the stunning scenery and landscapes of the Welsh village, Portmeirion.

 Every way we turned, there was a striking scene that we just needed to capture.

Our gorgeous model just added to the ambience and stylish surroundings, sporting a wind-swept, beachy fishtail plait...what could be more perfect for our Marine collection?

Even when hard at work, our model, stylist and make-up artist still have time for a seaside selfie!

In Portmeirion, even our clothes hanger looks cool!


Our Head Designer, Amanda, making some (seriously) last minute finishing touches to our newly launched Aslan cardigan on the photoshoot.

Who says creative people have messy minds?! 

Having a sneaky peek at the photographers hard work. 

We get to shoot in some amazing places, this almost Alice in Wonderland-esque setting was Haigh Hall in Wigan.

Featuring many stunning original features, we had to document some of our favourites.

Our stunning shoot venue - Haigh Hall, Wigan. 

Who says work has to be dull? Our model still looks stunning, even when larking about! 


 Our designers Amanda and Charlotte oversee the shoot to ensure that the garments are always looking their best.